Creation of an app container

The Linux command plcnextapp is available under /usr/bin and is used to create an app container.


The following parameters are supported:

  • create <APPDIR> <APPNAME>
    • e.g.: plcnextapp create /opt/plcnext/myapp My App
  • example
    • e.g.: plcnextapp example


Creates a SquashFS app container file "" from the selected app folder "APPDIR".


Creates a simple empty app container folder which contains a minimal app_info.json file and the sample empty folders "arp", "bin", "lib" and at least "sbin".


Note: The tool can handle further commands but except "create" all commands are intended for operation by the AppManager and do not have the desired effect when called via the com­mand line.


Note: The set access rights to all app files and directories are retained when the container is cre­ated, but the ownership information of these files and directories will be lost/forced on app creation.





 • Published/reviewed: 2020-06-11 • Revision 03 •