App installation states

A PLCnext App can have one of the following app installation states:

  • Installed: The app SquashFS container file is stored on the controller in the app's installation folder
  • Not installed: The app is unknown in the system and is not installed in the app's installation folder.

In addition, the app can have one running state:

  • Started (RUN):
    • The installed app container file in the app's installation folder is mounted as read-only file system to a corresponding app folder in the started app's folder:
    • All app parts from the app_info.json are already applied to the PLCnext system and are "Online".
  • Stopped (STOP): Same as "Installed". The app container is not mounted and all app parts are not applied to the system ("Offline").





 • Published/reviewed: 2020-06-11 • Revision 03 •