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Welcome to the PLCnext Store Info Center


In the PLCnext Store Info Center you find all information about the PLCnext Store


PLCnext Store 

The PLCnext Store provides software applications (apps) with which you can directly and easily expand the functions of a PLCnext controller. As a developer of software solutions, you can also create your own apps and offer them in the PLCnext Store.

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PLCnext Store Guide

In the PLCnext Store Guide you find information on how to use the PLCnext Store

  • How do I register in the PLCnext Store?
  • Which app types are available? 
  • How do I download an app?
  • ...


PLCnext App Integration Guide

In the PLCnext App Integration Guide you find information on how to build an app you want to offer in the PLCnext Store

  • What is a PLCnext app and how can I build it?
  • How do the app description file should look like?
  • What’s important when creating the app container?
  • Which tools are needed to create a PLCnext app?
  • Which app parts can I implement and which restrictions should be considered?
  • ...


PLCnext App Quality Guide

The PLCnext App Quality Guide is an integral part of the Contributor Terms for the PLCnext Store and must be observed if you want to offer an app in the PLCnext Store.


How to get in touch

Do not hesitate to connect with other PLCnext Store users around the world and our PLCnext Store team at Variable: PHOENIX CONTACT is not defined in the project. in Germany. Your questions, hints and feedback are always welcome.

  • If you are interested in the possibilities of the new PLCnext Store, ask our PLCnext Store team and discuss your ideas with the community  in the Forum section in the PLCnext Community.
    To post your questions or ideas, please register (no cost, no newsletter bugging).
  • If you need further information, contact your local subsidiary of Variable: PHOENIX CONTACT is not defined in the project..
  • For feedback to the PLCnext Store Info Center, please send an e-mail to the author.




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